Company provides a wide spectrum of services:

Development and maintenance:

We develop applications using scalable and extensible architectures for a wide range of industries. We provide Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) solutions to organizations around the world. Our solutions have been addressing the needs of various industries like Forex, Banking, Trading, other financial services, insurance, manufacturing, public utilities etc

This century has seen a variety of new application development projects, most of which are built on Web-based technologies with a strong orientation towards standards-driven architecture. The experiences of the last century have forced users to adopt scalable and extensible architectures that can support 24/7 business availability to accommodate global customers and reduce development cycles to a minimum.

Our solutions, when implemented, enable our clients to enhance the quality of their products and services.
The application development methodology can be used for: New application development, Existing application enhancements, Application consolidation, Application migration.

Website designing:

We offer efficient value, proven experience, ongoing support and the ideal solution for smaller companies looking for affordable and effective solutions. We design packages that provide you with everything you need such as Web design and hosting, web promotion email, support a site you can maintain and more.
Whether you are a new start up or just looking to launch your first site we guide you through the process. It's an exciting time and we want to exceed your expectations delivering a site that adds genuine value to your business. Our focus is to design websites that have visual appeal, targeted content and easy navigation. These web sites can be divided into categories such as information, e-commerce etc, and may have a wide range of interactive features including web forms, member databases, chat rooms.

The key is a small and efficient professional team which keeps our costs down.
We undertake projects for complete revamping maintenance and updating of websites etc. Our key feature is to Create, Encode and maintain web sites with differing levels of complexity. Analysis of requirements, Design, Development, Coding and Implementation of Software, is done with essential SDLC knowledge. We are Responsible for Delivery of Code, Monitoring team performance, accurate documentation and quality execution of the project in close coordination with the project manager.

Our focus instead is on developing total innovative but affordable web solutions to your business problems.
Please find out more about us or contact us and we'll be pleased to discuss your unique needs and find out ways and means to help you use the Web as a business tool, quickly and cost-effectively - using our affordable web solutions and custom web solutions to meet your needs.


Combining state-of-the-art technology, application and services and banking solutions:

  • Reduce total cost of ownership and operational costs by employing reliable, open-standards platform.
  • Increase market (and wallet) share by enhancing cross-sell opportunities.
  • Improve risk management by enabling security and access controls.
  • Enhance customer service by improving enterprise-wide efficiencies.

Innovative solutions that solve key banking industry problems:
Branch automation, Open bank, Core banking and Web banking.
The key features are

.......1. Foreign exchange
.......2. Payments
.......3. Securities
.......4. Corporate actions
.......5. Core banking
.......6. Trade finance
.......7. Internet delivery channel


Layout designing of various documents
All documents, including invoices, bills, receipts and payments, can be fully customized. The user can design various layouts for the input screens.
Codeless, Multi-company accounting with security at the individual activity level.





























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